History of Crown Mountain Park


A Congressional Act declares that the "Tree Farm Nursery" known as Crown Mountain Park is located in an area of Colorado that is experiencing rapid population growth and escalating real estate prices, which are adversely affecting the availability of lands, for the development by the Counties of affordable public recreational and administrative facilities.


Eagle and Pitkin Counties traded mining claims, many within wilderness areas, in exchange for the Mount Sopris Tree Farm Property to the Forest Service. A Recreation District was proposed as means of financing development, maintenance and management of this property.


Eagle County, Pitkin County, Garfield County, and the Town of Basalt appointed a Tree Farm Task Force, made up of members within the community to create a master plan for the parcel. This task force would collect property tax and issue bonds for development and management of the Tree Farm Property


Crown Mountain Park & Recreation District property owners voted on constructing the 5.1 million dollar park. One mill ($350,000 annually) was approved for General Operations and Maintenance of the park. **The 5.1 million dollar bond (for park improvements) will be PAID IN FULL by 2023.


Building and construction of Crown Mountain Park begins. This consisted of (2) soccer fields, (2) volleyball courts, (4) tennis courts, (1) basketball court, (1) Pavilion, playground, walking trails, roads and parking areas.


Three organizations begin to use the park for athletic rentals. The district begins to create additional revenue sources for the park.


Park usage begins to grow. Crown Mountain Park now has 10 soccer/lax fields that are used 8 months out of the year. CMP adds additional rental options, increase rates and begin using the park for large special events.


Bourne Consulting performs a reserve study that breaks down replacement costs needed for all infrastructure at the park.


Through advisement of Marchetti & Weaver's financial firm, Crown Mountain Park & Recreation District Board approves asking the voters for a property tax increase.